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Pressed Metal Ceilings

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Pressed Metal Ceiling in Canberra

Ceiling Roses

When it comes to ceiling types, Pressed Metal ceilings are the best. A Pressed Metal ceiling is a type of metal panel that is applied over an existing pitched or flat roof surface. The panels can be made from aluminum, steel, copper, galvanized iron and stainless steel which means they have many benefits including being durable and long lasting. Pressed Metal ceilings were first introduced in England during the early 20th century as a way to replace wood beams with something more fire resistant. They quickly became popular because they are cheaper than other types of metal ceiling materials like tin foil or even gypsum board and no longer need to be painted every few years because of their natural resistance against rusting due to their metal composition.

Ceiling Roses

Durable Pressed Metal Ceiling

Pressed metal ceiling in your house makes it look more elegant and expensive. It is perfect for a classic themed house to provide the desired elegance without all of the fuss of painting every few years.

You can also use pressed metal ceilings in restaurants or hotels because it offers an old school charm that will make your establishment stand out from others, with no need to paint again. Pressed metal was originally made to replace the expensive tin foil and it quickly became popular because it is cheaper while still offering the same fire resistance as before.

Pressed Metal Ceiling Usage

Pressed metal ceilings can also be used as a ceiling tile to provide the desired effect. Pressed metal tiles are usually sold in sheets, and when applied correctly will look seamless with one another for an elegant look without needing constant painting or re-painting.

Modern to classic looks

Pressed metal ceilings look great in any style of home from modern to classic. If you are renovating your home or building a new one, it is worth considering pressed metal ceilings to provide the desired effect. Pressed metal ceilings are very popular for homes and businesses because they have an old world charm without ever needing painting again.


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