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Ornate Cornice

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Ornate Cornice Installment

Suspended Ceiling

The ornate cornice installment is an age-old decorative element of architecture that has fallen out of favor in recent years. Ornate cornices were traditionally used to cover the uppermost part of a wall, and they are typically made from plaster. Ornate cornices can be quite expensive, which is why so few people have them installed today. However, there are some plasterer Canberra pros who specialize in this type of installation work, and they offer several advantages over other types of home improvement professionals! Installing ornate cornice in your home is an excellent way to add a classic, old-world touch that will stand the test of time. Ornate cornice installation is also generally an environmentally friendly choice because it doesn’t use any additional paints or solvents during construction.

Suspended Ceiling

Unique and classic look

When installing ornate cornice consider if the installation will cover any furniture or other objects on your floor. If so, be sure to measure and create a template for the cornice before you do anything else! In installing ornate cornice, consider if the installation will cover any furniture or other objects on your floor.

The last thing you want is an ornate cornice that doesn’t fit correctly because of errors in measurements. Be sure to measure and create a template for the cornice before you do anything else!

Offers more than what you think

We offer a wide range of ornamental plaster products that will turn your home into an oasis. We not only sell these exquisite items, but we also have the staff and expertise to get it installed for you in no time at all with our installation service. It adds value to your home and is also perfect for any room in the house because it’s so versatile. In the bedroom, you may want to use ornate cornice for your headboard or in the living room as a bookcase; it all depends on what look and feel you are going for at home.


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