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Acoustic Plasterboard in Parkes 2600

Acoustic Plasterboards are designed for use as interior wall cladding and ceiling panels, with the same characteristics of normal plaster but also reducing unwanted noise. Acoustic plasterboards can be used as a high-quality alternative to other sound insulation solutions, such as Acoustical Clad Panels and Wall Wool. At Plastering Canberra ACT, we can professionally install Acoustic Plasterboards to your exact specifications, meaning you’ll get a high-quality product that’s guaranteed to last.

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Ceiling Roses in Parkes 2600

Ceiling Roses are a type of plastering that you might notice in some older houses. Ceiling Roses are usually found inside the house, and they look like little flower petals with holes on them. Plastering Canberra ACT expertise with ceiling roses, making them a perfect choice for any plastering job that you might have!

Insulated Ceiling

Commercial Plastering in Parkes 2600

Plastering is a process of applying plaster to the surface of walls or ceilings. This can be in preparation for painting, as an alternative to drywall installation, or both. Commercial Plastering service we offer ranges from small repairs such as patchwork and skim coating up to complete new construction buildings with decorative finishes on all surfaces. We are experienced in all types of commercial plastering jobs and are happy to undertake the most challenging or mundane.

Fire Rated Plastering

Feature Walls in Parkes 2600

Feature walls are a design trend in interior home decoration that you might not have been aware of until now. Feature Walls come with many benefits for both homeowners and renters, so if this is something you’ve considered before then it’s worth checking out some examples to see how they can be implemented.

Feature Walls

Fire Rated Plasterboard in Parkes 2600

Fire Rated Plasterboard is a specially designed board that can be used in the event of fire. It provides protection to occupants and their possessions by increasing the time it takes for heat or flames from an external fire to pass through. Fire Rated Plasterboard also provides structural protection by absorbing the force of impact should a fire break out.

Commercial Plastering

Insulated Ceiling in Parkes 2600

Insulated ceilings are designed to keep homes and workplaces comfortable in the winter by trapping air. This prevents heat from escaping too quickly through windows, doors or walls which can make it feel cold inside even though there is plenty of warmth outside. Insulating your ceiling also helps reduce summer temperatures because trapped hot air cannot escape into the hotter atmosphere above. Plastering Canberra ACT is a company that provides reliable and effective service for insulated ceilings.

Ceiling Roses

Insurance Work in Parkes 2600

Commercial and residential property owners rely on a building’s contents, whether they are their own private possessions or those of tenants. This is why we provide Insurance Work Services that ensure the safety and security of your belongings in case there is an incident such as fire, storm damage or burglary.

Acoustic Plasterboard

Metal and Stud Framing in Parkes 2600

Metal and stud framing is a building material consisting of metal sheets with the interior cavities filled in, either by thin layers of plaster or gypsum board. It has many advantages because it can be used for both external cladding or internal partition walls as well as ceiling panels. Plastering Canberra ACT are experts in metal and stud framing.

Venetian Plastering

New Homes in Parkes 2600

We offer a wide range of plaster solutions to meet your needs. Our team is experienced in all aspects of plastering, from interior and exterior rendering, skim coating, ceilings to decorating, we can help with any job you need done. With our qualified staff on hand planning out and managing a project is simple.

Suspended Ceiling

Ornate Cornice in Parkes 2600

The ornate cornice installment is an age-old decorative element of architecture that has fallen out of favor in recent years. Ornate cornices were traditionally used to cover the uppermost part of a wall, and they are typically made from plaster. Ornate cornices can be quite expensive, which is why so few people have them installed today. However, there are some plasterer Canberra pros who specialize in this type of installation work, and they offer several advantages over other types of home improvement professionals!

Pressed Metal Ceiling

Plaster Repairs in Parkes 2600

Plasters or renderings are a type of finishing applied to walls, ceilings and soffits in order to cover up all the rough edges. There is another form of plaster that goes onto flat surfaces such as the ceiling and it’s called “stucco”. A plasterer will come out to your home, assess the work that needs to be done and give you a quote. Plastering can also be used for decorative purposes or as an acoustic dampener on ceilings in rooms such as music studios and cinemas. We have been plasterers Canberra ACT for over years and have the experience to get your home back in shape.

Metal and Stud Framing

Ceiling Repairs in Parkes 2600

The Ceiling Repair Canberra experts are qualified and experienced in all aspects of ceiling repair, from leaking to broken plaster or water damage. Your ceilings will be restored with our professional team using only the finest materials available on the market. Contact us today for a free quote!

Plaster Repair

Pressed Metal in Parkes 2600

Pressed metal ceilings are a terrific way to bring the feel of industrial chic. They can be found in many different architectural styles and designs, but they’re most popular with mid-century modern homes. Pressed Metal Ceiling is an option that not many people know about.
Pressed metal ceilings have historically been used in factories, warehouses and other industrial buildings because they were affordable and easy to clean. Pressed Metal Ceilings are so durable that some of the original pressed ceiling tiles from over 100 years ago can still be found intact today!

Ornate Cornet

Suspended Ceiling in Parkes 2600

The Suspended Ceilings act as an acoustical seal. They are usually installed in the ceiling, to prevent noise from escaping or entering. It also helps save energy by providing a thermal barrier and insulation. The Suspended Ceiling is made up of two layers: the back layer, which provides soundproofing; and the front face layer, which provides an aesthetic finish. Plastering Canberra ACT have been perfecting Suspended Ceiling installation for years.

New Homes

Venetian Plastering in Parkes 2600

Venetian plastering is a traditional building technique, involving the application of thin layers of plaster on top of each other until it reaches thickness The layer is applied by brush or trowel to cover the area where this will be applied and then smoothed. A new section can then start with the next layer. Venetian plastering is then smoothed and blended to create a seamless finish.

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Expert Plasterboard

As with every aspect of building projects, plasterboard installation requires expertise to ensure a perfect job. Not getting it right the first time will cost you additional time and resources in fixing. Save time and keep down your overhead by contracting our experienced plasterboard installation experts today.

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Drywall Installation Services

Plasterboards are typically used for non-load bearing walls, and it’s also used to cover exterior wall surfaces in modern buildings, conversions or extensions. Plasterboard has become a popular choice for wall and ceiling construction because it provides quicker, easier and more cost effective solutions than using traditional bricks or blocks.

Professional Gyprock Installation Services

For good reasons, Gyprock has become a popular plaster choice for many expert plasterers and clients alike across the country. If you’re looking to get some plastering work done in your home, and leaning towards Gyprock as your materials of choice, you should leverage our expert Gyprock installation services to receive high quality Gyprock installation completed on-time and on-budget.

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