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Plasterer Canberra Pros provides quality plastering services in the Canberra area. We offer a wide variety of plastering services for your home, including interior and exterior work as well as repairs and maintenance. Our team is dedicated to providing you with excellent customer service that will make your experience stress-free.

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For the best plasterboard money can buy you can't go past CSR Gyprock for price, quality and durability. Contact Plastering Guys

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Gtex Gypsum products are the gold standard for anyone who expects high quality at an affordable price.

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We use and recommend Trim-Tex products for a professional plastering finish that looks great in any home or office!

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We Install Gyprock, Plaster, Drywall, Cornice, Suspended Ceilings & More.

Plastering is one of the most common jobs that plasterers do. Plastering can be completed for new homes, extensions to existing homes and commercial property renovations. It’s not a difficult job but it does require some skill in order to produce an excellent finish. A plaster needs two coats; firstly you need to make a plaster-board, then it’s time to mix the first coat.
Plastering work is completed in two coats using either a trowel or putty knife and finished with sandpaper for a smooth finish. Plasterers can also install drywall, cornice & suspended ceilings as well as installing gyprock onto new homes or extensions to existing homes.

We don’t beat around the bush when it comes to looking after our customers plastering, gyprock and cornice installation needs. From walls to ceilings we’ve got you covered at a cost that won’t burn your bank notes.

Create exceptional spaces with the versatility and resilience of Gyprock & Plasterboard!

If you are looking to radically transform or upgrade your property, you’ll need a solution that will also enable you to move or create new robust and well-finished walls. Well placed walls can really open up spaces and add unexpected utility, style and modernity to your interior design giving an architectural finish to your project. Plasterboard or gyprock is essential for safe and reliable construction of new interior walls. These expansive sheets of gypsum compressed firmly between ‘facer’ and ‘backer’ layers are convenient to handle and install and offer a superb structural and safety profile.

Plasterer Canberra

Licensed Plasterer in Canberra

When it comes to your walls, you want them to look their best. Whether it‘s for repairs, or simply for a quote, you‘ll need a licensed plasterer in Canberra. At Plastering Canberra, we pride ourselves on being the best in the business. No job is too big or small for us, and we‘re always happy to provide a free quote. We also offer painting services, so if you‘re looking for a onestop shop, we‘re your guys!

Plaster Repairs

When it comes to ceiling and wall repairs, there is no one better than the professional plasterers in Canberra. Plastering is a delicate process that requires a high level of skill and precision. The slightest mistake can result in an unsightly finish. That’s why it’s important to leave these types of repairs to the experts.

Professional Plasterers

At Plaster Master, we have years of experience repairing ceilings and walls. We understand the importance of getting the job done right the first time. That’s why we only use the highest quality materials and workmanship on every repair job we undertake.

If you need ceiling or wall repairs, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’ll be happy to provide you with a free quote and answer any questions you may have about our services

Ceiling Repairs

Ceiling repairs can be a tricky and time-consuming task, but with the help of a professional plasterer in Canberra, the job can be done quickly and efficiently. Plastering is an important step in ceiling repair, as it provides a smooth surface for painting or wallpapering. Plaster also helps to fill in any cracks or holes in the ceiling, which can prevent further damage from occurring.

Plasters Canberra

When choosing a plasterer in Canberra, it is important to choose someone who is experienced and qualified. The best way to find out if a plasterer is qualified is to ask for references from previous clients. Once you have chosen a plasterer, they will usually come to your home to assess the damage and give you an estimate of the cost of repairs. They will then begin work on your ceiling, starting with the plastering process.


Once the plastering is complete, the plasterer will sand down the surface of your ceiling to create a smooth finish. They may also apply primer before painting or wallpapering your ceiling, which will help to ensure that your new paint or wallpaper adheres properly. In most cases, Ceiling Repairs takes between one and two days to complete depending on the extent of damage.

Wall Repairs

Wall repairs can be a costly and time-consuming process, especially if you need to repair or replace damaged plasterboard or cornices. In most cases, painting walls is the best way to cover up minor damage, but more serious issues will require professional help.

Gyprock Repairs

If your walls are made of gyprock, also known as drywall, they can be easily repaired with some joint compound and sandpaper. However, if the damage is extensive, it’s best to call in a professional. Plasterboard walls are common in newer homes in the suburbs and are usually covered by insurance.

Cornices are decorative mouldings that are often used to finish off ceilings and walls. They can be made from a variety of materials, including plaster, wood, or polyurethane. Cornice damage is usually caused by water leaks or impact damage (such as from a door being slammed shut). Replacing damaged cornices can be expensive, so it’s worth checking with your insurance company first.

If you’re not sure how to proceed with repairing your wall damage, it’s always best to consult with a professional contractor who can give you an accurate estimate of the cost and time involved.

The Best Plasterers in Canberra

The Best Plasterers in Canberra are the ones who can provide you with the best wall painting and cornice work at a reasonable cost. They should also be able to give you a competitive price for gyprock repair and insurance work. You can find these plasterers in all suburbs of Canberra.

Plastering Services Canberra

Plastering is a process of applying plaster to walls or ceilings in order to create a smooth, even surface. Plastering services Canberra can be used for both new construction and renovations. Plaster can be applied directly to brick, block or stone surfaces, or it can be applied over drywall.

Plastering is an important step in creating a beautiful and professional looking finish for your home. Plasterers in Canberra have the experience and expertise to ensure that your plaster job will be perfect. They will take into account the type of wall you have, the thickness of the plaster, and the desired finish before starting their work.

The cost of plastering services Canberra will vary depending on the size of the area to be plastered, the type of materials used, and the complexity of the job. This includes both labour and materials costs.

If you are considering having your walls or ceiling plastered, contact a few different companies to get quotes before making a decision. Be sure to ask about their experience level, what type of warranty they offer on their workmanship, and whether they use eco-friendly products.

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Gyprock Canberra

Cornice Installation

Plastering Canberra Suburbs

Gypsum rock, the foundation of plaster products.

Gypsum rock, also known as calcium sulfate dihydrate is the main constituent of both plasterboard, gyprock and a wide variety of plasters. This naturally occurring mineral is used as mined in plasterboard. Gypsum has been used for thousands of years by many cultures and civilisations and can be seen in ancient alabaster sculptures and moldings. It is odor free, non-toxic (even used in farming and foods), fire-resistant and has acoustic and thermal properties that have made it favorable in construction projects of all sizes. In addition, its low cost and high durability make gypsum plasterboard a worthwhile addition to your home improvement and renovation projects.

The high-quality manufacture of plasterboard has eclipsed traditional lath and plaster methods of wall construction.

If you have an old or period property, renovations may reveal traditionally constructed lath and plaster walls, composed of horizontally secured strips of wood (known as lath)and layers of plaster built up on top. Lath and plaster have been used for hundreds, if not thousands of years across the world with little change and may be chosen for sensitive restoration work. This more time-consuming method of wall construction and finishing, now typically performed by specialists, has been almost completely overtaken by plasterboard and gyprock products which were developed in the early 20th century. Let’s take a look at the benefits delivered by using plasterboard.


New Homes

Acoustic Plasterboard

Acoustic Plasterboards are designed for use as interior wall cladding and ceiling panels, with the same characteristics of normal plaster but also reducing unwanted noise. Acoustic plasterboards can be used as a high-quality alternative to other sound insulation solutions, such as Acoustical Clad Panels and Wall Wool. At Plastering Canberra ACT, we can professionally install Acoustic Plasterboards to your exact specifications, meaning you’ll get a high-quality product that’s guaranteed to last.

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Ceiling Roses

Ceiling Roses are a type of plastering that you might notice in some older houses. Ceiling Roses are usually found inside the house, and they look like little flower petals with holes on them. Plastering Canberra ACT expertise with ceiling roses, making them a perfect choice for any plastering job that you might have!

Insulated Ceiling

Commercial Plastering

Plastering is a process of applying plaster to the surface of walls or ceilings. This can be in preparation for painting, as an alternative to drywall installation, or both. Commercial Plastering service we offer ranges from small repairs such as patchwork and skim coating up to complete new construction buildings with decorative finishes on all surfaces. We are experienced in all types of commercial plastering jobs and are happy to undertake the most challenging or mundane.

Fire Rated Plastering

Feature Walls

Feature walls are a design trend in interior home decoration that you might not have been aware of until now. Feature Walls come with many benefits for both homeowners and renters, so if this is something you’ve considered before then it’s worth checking out some examples to see how they can be implemented.

Feature Walls

Fire Rated Plasterboard

Fire Rated Plasterboard is a specially designed board that can be used in the event of fire. It provides protection to occupants and their possessions by increasing the time it takes for heat or flames from an external fire to pass through. Fire Rated Plasterboard also provides structural protection by absorbing the force of impact should a fire break out.

Commercial Plastering

Insulated Ceiling

Insulated ceilings are designed to keep homes and workplaces comfortable in the winter by trapping air. This prevents heat from escaping too quickly through windows, doors or walls which can make it feel cold inside even though there is plenty of warmth outside. Insulating your ceiling also helps reduce summer temperatures because trapped hot air cannot escape into the hotter atmosphere above. Plastering Canberra ACT is a company that provides reliable and effective service for insulated ceilings.

Ceiling Roses

Insurance Work

Commercial and residential property owners rely on a building’s contents, whether they are their own private possessions or those of tenants. This is why we provide Insurance Work Services that ensure the safety and security of your belongings in case there is an incident such as fire, storm damage or burglary.

Acoustic Plasterboard

Metal and Stud Framing​

Metal and stud framing is a building material consisting of metal sheets with the interior cavities filled in, either by thin layers of plaster or gypsum board. It has many advantages because it can be used for both external cladding or internal partition walls as well as ceiling panels. Plastering Canberra ACT are experts in metal and stud framing.

Venetian Plastering

New Homes

We offer a wide range of plaster solutions to meet your needs. Our team is experienced in all aspects of plastering, from interior and exterior rendering, skim coating, ceilings to decorating, we can help with any job you need done. With our qualified staff on hand planning out and managing a project is simple.

Suspended Ceiling

Ornate Cornice​

The ornate cornice installment is an age-old decorative element of architecture that has fallen out of favor in recent years. Ornate cornices were traditionally used to cover the uppermost part of a wall, and they are typically made from plaster. Ornate cornices can be quite expensive, which is why so few people have them installed today. However, there are some plasterer Canberra pros who specialize in this type of installation work, and they offer several advantages over other types of home improvement professionals!

Pressed Metal Ceiling

Plaster Repairs

Plasters or renderings are a type of finishing applied to walls, ceilings and soffits in order to cover up all the rough edges. There is another form of plaster that goes onto flat surfaces such as the ceiling and it’s called “stucco”. A plasterer will come out to your home, assess the work that needs to be done and give you a quote. Plastering can also be used for decorative purposes or as an acoustic dampener on ceilings in rooms such as music studios and cinemas. We have been plasterers Canberra ACT for over years and have the experience to get your home back in shape.

Metal and Stud Framing

Ceiling Repairs

The Ceiling Repair Canberra experts are qualified and experienced in all aspects of ceiling repair, from leaking to broken plaster or water damage. Your ceilings will be restored with our professional team using only the finest materials available on the market. Contact us today for a free quote!

Plaster Repair

Pressed Metal Ceiling

Pressed metal ceilings are a terrific way to bring the feel of industrial chic. They can be found in many different architectural styles and designs, but they’re most popular with mid-century modern homes. Pressed Metal Ceiling is an option that not many people know about.
Pressed metal ceilings have historically been used in factories, warehouses and other industrial buildings because they were affordable and easy to clean. Pressed Metal Ceilings are so durable that some of the original pressed ceiling tiles from over 100 years ago can still be found intact today!

Ornate Cornet

Suspended Ceiling

The Suspended Ceilings act as an acoustical seal. They are usually installed in the ceiling, to prevent noise from escaping or entering. It also helps save energy by providing a thermal barrier and insulation. The Suspended Ceiling is made up of two layers: the back layer, which provides soundproofing; and the front face layer, which provides an aesthetic finish. Plastering Canberra ACT have been perfecting Suspended Ceiling installation for years.

New Homes

Venetian Plastering

Venetian plastering is a traditional building technique, involving the application of thin layers of plaster on top of each other until it reaches thickness The layer is applied by brush or trowel to cover the area where this will be applied and then smoothed. A new section can then start with the next layer. Venetian plastering is then smoothed and blended to create a seamless finish.

Key advantages of using plasterboard or gyprock for your interior walls.

Gypsum has beneficial thermal properties and balances indoor temperature and humidity where it is installed. It is also a good insulator and vapor barrier.
Plasterboard reduces noise and reverberations, making it a relative acoustic barrier. Less thickness of plasterboard is needed compared to masonry and airspace between plasterboard or gyprock layers further enhances the acoustic insulation making it a good choice for lining ceilings in flats or multi-occupancy dwellings.

  • Gypsum is sought after as a fire-resistant material. The hydrated crystals that make gypsum plasterboard actually hold a lot of water meaning that it is very difficult to burn and an effective retardant. Burning releases the water in the crystals and actually cools the environment which is beneficial in the event of a fire.
  • Plasterboard delivers level smooth surfaces which are ready for painting or papering in far less time than is needed if building up layers of plaster.
  • Despite the uniform nature of plasterboard, it can be used creatively to fabricate a wide range of effects and contributes to a pleasing aesthetic. Gyprock also works with a wide variety of gypsum-based products, meaning you can create exceptional moldings, ceiling roses and cornices.
  • Plasterboard is convenient and offers an easy install with panels simply screwing into place. Using gyprock instead of plastering means that you can install or cover a lot of wall space quickly.

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"They explained the whole process and what was the best materials to use. Price was good and high quality finish. Many thanks"
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"Glad I called Plaster Canberra to sort out the water damage to my ceiling. You wouldn't even know they'd been and gone! Highly recommend!"
"Top blokes, no mucking around, they just got straight into it, no mess, no fuss,got exactly what I paid for. Many thanks guys"


At the Plastering Canberra we’ve got all your plaster needs covered.

From commercial plastering jobs requiring suspended ceilings and acoustic plasterboard all the way to repairing that sagging ceiling or a hole in the wall requiring a plaster repair, there’s no job too big or small for the Plastering Canberra!