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Fire Rated Plasterboard

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Fire Rated Plasterboard for Extreme Conditions

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Plasterboard is a term that is used in construction to describe the final layer of plaster. It can be made from either cement or gypsum and it provides a smooth surface for painting. Fire rated plasterboard is an important consideration when building a house, as standard boards are not fire-resistant. Fire rated plasterboards have been developed to ensure they don’t catch on fire under extreme conditions, which means you’ll get all the benefits of regular plaster without any risks! There are a few different types of fire rated plasterboard on the market, but it is essential that you choose one with CE approval. These boards don’t have any chemical retardants and they’re made from gypsum instead of cement. Fire resistance is achieved by using mineral wool or ceramic fibers to create a barrier between the surface layer and the core, which is both strong and flexible.

Feature Walls

Where to apply Fire Rated Plasterboard

Building consents often require fire-rated plasterboard to comply with council regulations for safety. Fire rated plasterboard is more dense than standard plasterboard and it has a higher thermal resistance.

Fire rated plasterboards are best for areas where fire protection is of utmost importance, such as hospital wards or care homes. They’re also excellent if you have an existing building that’s been made from combustible materials, because they don’t contain any cellulose-based products. Safety is also a key consideration for any home or office, so we can install fire rated plasterboard to ensure your building is as safe and secure as possible.


This can be a good thing for homeowners who want to protect their property from the risk of fire damage, but also don’t want to obstruct natural light by covering up windows with plastic sheeting or boards. Plaster board has been used in buildings all over Canberra as an alternative form of interior wall covering, and it’s also a great material for commercial spaces that need to comply with certain standards.

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We can also repair damaged or old surfaces to ensure your walls are looking their best.


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